We are a jolly new company with spanking good ideas and a work ethic from a bygone era! We love to have queues at our van but we also want to give a great service. Bertie is here to add a splash of nostalgia and atmosphere to your event and we are here to make sure it's a damn riveting occasion. Our ebullient team have dollops of experience of weddings and shindigs and we know how to behave in decent company! We are based in lovely Sutton sowf London don't you know!


Judith   and the Crepe Crew!

Q: What's the damage to have Bertie at our event?

Have you heard of a movable feast? (a bit like Easter), well at prepaid private events it very much depends on how many people, where you are, what crepes and other products you want and when you want us to be there.

Q: Do you attend those jolly public event thingies?

Jikes my man, is the Pope catholic? Delighted, delighted to provide a vending service where customers actually pay us for their crepes. Course we would do it for free, just for fun, but have to keep wolves from doors!

Q: Is Bertie house trained?  Does he have to stay outside?

He won't disgrace himself, but sadly yes, due to gas (now there's an awkward word in polite company!!) and health and safety requirements Bertie must always be outside to ensure he is well ventilated.

Q: What do we need to provide?

Bertie needs a jolly 'bowling green' flat pitch, so get out the old plumb line eh! Have you ever tried making a pancake on a slope! He also loves that new fangled electricity hook up via a 3 pin plug to enhance his looks.

Q: Please Mummy, can Bertie come to my venue? 

Some venues may be utter cads and will not allow outside caterers (shame on them, baaah!).  Always check before booking us.  If they say they can make crêpes don't believe a word of it.  We specialize in them, so don't be palmed off. OK? For estimating, tell us how many people are coming (including waifs and strays). We give you the mouthwatering choice from our scrummy menu of sweet and savoury flavors.  More than enough for 'The Great Aunt'. We are best suited to festival, vintage, marquee or barn style weddings! Hurrah! If we haven’t thought of it and its very dear to you......ask and we will quote for it. We supply plates, forks and napkins (napkins, now thats an hygienic word).

Q: Just how much space does Bertie take up?


Bertie’s measurements are: inside leg 14ft (4,26m length) waist 6.5ft (1.99m width). Don't tell Bertie that power steering has been invented as he hasnt got it yet!  So just give us a bit more budge-room than usual!!

Q: How far do you let Bertie go from home?


Bertie takes some driving sir, I can tell you, so if you are more than 30 land lubber miles away from us, we may have to make a small surcharge for all the jerry-cans that he guzzles and the spinach for Judith’s arms! Poop Poop!

Q: Can you cater for SDR's whatever they are??

(special dietary requirements)?

Oh yes, all new fangled fads and dangers to health catered for.  Give us a call on the dog and bone and we are sure to work it out (eventually!) 

Q: Do you have the right credentials?


Ye Gads! of course we have the proper credentials. We are not cads or cowboys, no Sir. Wouldn't dream of leaving home without the old 'hygiene' and 'health and safety' pass for getting through the checkpoints. We have a solid gold, 5 star, food hygiene certificate, proudly displayed on Bertie. Worry not, we have been trained not to poison the hand that feeds us (or that we feed!)