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Private Hire

Alongside public events, we offer our services to private hire events such as weddings, parties, film shoots, large scale and small scale events, religious ceremonies, and pretty much anywhere big enough for us to squeeze into!

We have catered over 40 weddings last year, hosted many parties, served many smiling customers at various private parties and had a bloomin' good time! We also specialise in on location Film Shoot catering, having previously catered for Adidas, Gucci, Wimbledon Studios, Sister Pictures, Pinewood, Star Wars, amongst many others.

Please get in touch with us to book us for your next film shoot or event.


To begin, we must make it clear that these are rough price guidelines and we are always able to negotiate to work out how we can make our services fit to your budget and can price accordingly.

For weddings, we quote on a per head basis, roughly serving for 3 hours of unlimited crepes. This is more than enough for a wedding party of 100 or there abouts. This way those who want loads of crepes can have them, and those who are happy with 1, can be satisfied. Please allow 1 hour for us to set up and 1 hour for us to pack down. We are able to travel up to 30 miles from SM1, Sutton, with no additional charge. Our quotes include everything needed to serve you, but we just ask for one single 13amp plug connection and a water source such as a kitchen tap. Our crepes are served in biodegradable crepe cones, making them ideal for evening food or hand held hot on shoots as they can be eaten very easily standing up without making too much of a mess. Our pricing includes the full menu (sweet and savoury choices), travel costs, staff, the crepes themselves and no VAT.

Weddings and events - we price our weddings at £10 per head plus VAT, all in, for a minimum of 100 guests. Less than 100 guests will incur a higher price per head to reach a £900+VAT minimum hire price. Additional charges for travel over 30 miles from SM1. This price includes 3 hours of serving unlimited crepes and includes the van itself, plus all travel, staff, crepe cones and the full menu for this price. Vegan options are priced at an extra £1 per head.

Film Shoots - we make the ideal choice for producers and crews wanting something fresh, hot and easy to eat as an alternative to afternoon tea or a late break option. Our crepes made fresh to order with an output of around 50 - 60 per hour, which is ideal when crew need to be staggered to get their food when on a continuous shooting day or just running slightly behind schedule (we know the score!). On top of this, we offer our full sweet and savoury menu meaning there is always something for everybody. We are very easy going, laid back and accommodating and absolutely love catering for shoots. Our prices for film shoots start at £10 per head, based on a minimum of 75 crew, or £750 minimum hire charge if a crew is less than 50 people. This includes constant serving of crepes for 3 hours. Like with weddings, this price includes our stunning 1978 Citroen HY Van, all travel costs, staff costs, full sweet and savoury, crepe cones and all the trimmings!

Additional charges - 

ULEZ / Congestion - charged at £15 per day per vehicle, a support vehicle is occasionally needed

Vegan options - an extra £1 per head

Plates and cutlery - this is not required to eat our crepes, but if you would prefer this option it will be an extra 50p charge per head

Cano Water - £16 per crate of 24

Coca Cola or other fizzy drinks - £14 per crate of 24

Travel further than 30 miles from SM1 - £1.50 per mile up to 50 miles, after which we will need to flat bed the van, and so a quote will be structured accordingly

Extra hours on top of the 3 hours base charge - £250 per hour


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